Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.

  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.
  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.
  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.
  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.
  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.
  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.
  • Poze Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.

Cort VAUDE Invenio SUL 2P /super-ultralight 2 pers.

SKU: 12485182

Pret vechi: 3.550,00 RON Reducere 15%

Pret nou: 2.999,00 RON

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Pretul include TVA 19%, Costurile de livrare nu sunt incluse

Cort super-ultra-usor dublu-siliconat cu 2 intrari si 2 apside, pentru 2 persoane. Model nou de la liderul mondial, VAUDE SPORT Germania. Rezistenta la apa: 3000mm colH2O. Cort foarte rezistent la apa si intemperii. Montaj "inner-first". Interior si exterior din material ripstop (anti-destramare). Exteriorul siliconat pe ambele fete confera o durata de viata mai mare cu 20% si o rezistenta la taieturi de 8 ori mai mare !

Fermoar intrare waterproof. Cusaturi vulcanizate din fabrica. Doar VAUDE poate vulcaniza materialele siliconate. 3 tipuri de materiale diferite care confera un microclimat optim. Montaj simplu si rapid (coduri de culoare). Mare stabilitate la vant. Cort cu utilizare all-round, recomandat pentru activitati la care fiecare gram conteaza (ski-touring, bike tours, expeditii, drumetii avansate). 3 sezoane. Desi nu este oferit ca si cort de iarna, alpinistii il folosesc cu succes si in expeditii datorita volumului interior incapator pentru un cort de 2 persoane, datorita celor 2 intrari/apside si mai ales datorita rezistentei la vant, intemperii, abraziune mecanica.

Tratamente GREEN ANODIZING (Phosphoric and nitric acid as well as 90% of mineral oil based detergents were cut down) , ECO FINISH (without fluorocarbons (PFC). PFCs are part of a group of chemical compounds which are used to waterproof the outer layer of many outdoor products. They have come under criticism for being non-biodegradable, bioaccumulative and toxic, and suspected of being harmful to health. VAUDE has made a clear commitment to completely renouncing PFCs). si PVC-FREE ("PVC-free" means that this product is manufactured 100% free of PVC (polyvinyl choride). PVC largely contains plasticizers (phthalates) that are considered to be harmful to your health).

Best in test !


Numar persoane: 2  
Pack Size: 48 x 15 cm 
Amprenta sol: 4,6 m² 
Amprenta cort interior: 2,8 m² 
Bete: NFL featherlight 8,7 mm 
Total Weight: 1800,00 g 


Exterior/Flysheet: 100% Polyamide; 20 D Ripstop both sides Silicone coated 3.000 mm; Interior/Inner tent: 100% Polyamide; 15 D Micro Ripstop; Podea/Floor: 100% Polyamide; 30 D Ripstop Polyurethane coated 3.000 mm.

video: https://www.vaude.com/en-INT/Products/Best-in-Test/5758/Invenio-SUL-2P?number=124851820


Panorama included! Extremely lightweight and wind-stable 3-season tent for weight-watching trekkers, very quick and easy set up thanks to the inner-first construction. The pole arrangement in this 2-person tent creates a cubical interior with a variety of places with comfortable sitting height. A panoramic entrance on each side can be opened wide and allows for an unobstructed view of your surroundings. Other benefits include the opportunity to sleep crosswise and easy access to your gear. Both vestibules offer enough space for gear and are well-suited for cooking. Two fully adjustable vents ensure a pleasant microclimate when the entrances are closed. In warm, dry regions the inner tent can be used on its own – starry sky included!

Detalii produs

Categorie: Camping - drumetie - expeditii, Corturi

Producator: VAUDE Germania

Cod produs - SKU: 12485182

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