Poze Ham copii ALPIDEX SNAKY COMP full-body

  • Poze Ham copii ALPIDEX SNAKY COMP full-body
  • Poze Ham copii ALPIDEX SNAKY COMP full-body
  • Poze Ham copii ALPIDEX SNAKY COMP full-body
  • Poze Ham copii ALPIDEX SNAKY COMP full-body

Ham copii ALPIDEX SNAKY COMP full-body

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Ham integral (vesta+scaun) pentru copii cu masa pana la 40kg, complet reglabil cu ajutorul celor 5 catarame duble din OL carbon.

Centurile sunt realizate din chinga rezistenta la intemperii care se usuca rapid chiar daca a fost uda sau inghetata. Centurile se regleaza optim pentru orice inaltime a copilului, in limitele de mai jos.Punctul de legare in coarda este realizat in culori contrastante.

Masa= 433g. Standard EN: 12277 Type B.

Dimensiuni: Sold: 45  - 95 cm;   Picior: 22  - 52 cm,;  centurile pentru umeri:: max. ca. 40 cm

Domenii de utilizare: alpinism, escalada indoor/outdoor, parc de aventura, salvare, via ferrata.


Full body climbing harness children SNAKY COMP by Alpidex

Safety is the supreme priority, especially for the small mountaineers.

For children under 12 years, the hip is not yet stable pronounced enough. Secure your children properly, too - with the full body climbing harness SNAKY COMP by Alpidex. This climbing harness is fully adjustable with the help of 5 Double-Slide buckle. This allows the belt to adjust optimally to any height und will not soon be too small. The contrasting embedding loop prevents incorrect tie-in and was placed under security aspects, that a tipping over the upper body of the child is prevented. Suitable for children and youth up to 40 kg.

This belt works under all conditions and dries quickly, even if it was wet or frozen.

Whether the high ropes course, indoor climbing, rock climbing or alpinism - with this full body you are perfectly equipped and there is nothing, which your family adventures stands in the way!

Technical Data for the full body climbing harness SNAKY COMP:

Color: Black-Red
Material: Harness: Nylon
Seams: Polyester
Buckles: Carbon-steel, black anodized
Size: Uni Size
Harness type: Typ B - full body harness up to 40 kg body weight
Adjusting ranges: Hip size: 45 to 95 cm
Leg range: 22 to 52 cm
Shoulder belts: to ca. 40 cm
Number of material loops: none
adjustable leg loops: yes
Lock: 5 Double-Slide buckle width and height: each 45 mm
Applications: Allround, via ferrata,
Indoor, rescue,
Sport climbing, rope parks
High-altitude mountain tours
Weight: 431,0 g
Standards: EN 12277

Detalii produs

Categorie: Hamuri

Producator: ALPIDEX Germania

Cod produs - SKU: 13646

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