Poze Set 10 Minicarabiniere ALPIDEX

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Set 10 Minicarabiniere ALPIDEX

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Set 10 minicarabiniere diverse forme, cu larga utilizare pentru agatarea echipamentului sau a saculetului de magneziu  si a cheilor.


Greutate set=200g. Import Germania.


Small is beautiful!

 A true eye catcher when used as a key fob or accessory, but also excellently adequate to fasten bottles or chalk bags. 


With an individual engraving for anniversaries or as a small present, these lovely gear carabiners will certainly make the hearts leap for joy.
Colour deviations possible as delivery is made in assorted colours.


Dimensions Ring

Diameter (centre): 3.8 cm
Gate opening: 2.0 cm

 Dimensions Fish

Length: 5.0 cm
Width (edges): 2.5 cm
Gate opening: 1.8 cm

 Dimensions Love

Length: 3.8 cm
Width (edges): 3.7 cm
Gate opening: 2.2 cm

 Dimensions Loving Hearts

Length: 4.0 cm
Width (edges): 4.2 cm
Gate opening: 2.0 cm

 Dimensions Horse

Length: 6.8 cm
Width (edges): 4.20 cm
Gate opening: 0.60 cm

 Dimensions Star

Length: 7.00 cm
Gate Opening: 1.70 cm

 Dimensions Big Fun

Length: 7.5 cm
Width (edges): 4.00 cm
Width (centre): 2.50 cm
Gate opening: 2.00 cm

 Dimensions Dog

Length: 5.0 cm
Width (edges): 3.0 cm
Width(centre): 1.8 cm
Gate opening: 0.8 cm

 Dimensions Dollar

Diameter (centre): 3.8 cm
Gate opening: 2.0 cm

 Dimensions Yin Yang

Diameter (centre): 3.8 cm
Gate opening: 2.0 cm

Detalii produs

Categorie: Carabiniere, pitoane si dispozitive

Producator: ALPIDEX Germania

Cod produs (SKU): 195

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