Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO 2.0 - NEW 2020!

  • Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO 2.0 - NEW 2020!
  • Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO 2.0 - NEW 2020!
  • Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO 2.0 - NEW 2020!

Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO 2.0 - NEW 2020!

SKU: 1350

Pret vechi: 400,00 RON Reducere 12%

Pret nou: 349,00 RON

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Pretul include TVA 19%, Costurile de livrare nu sunt incluse

Noua versiune a deja testatului si apreciatului set Via Ferrata Pro Evo de la specialistul german LACD. Versiunea 2.0 este conforma noului standard EN si este destinata utilizatorilorcu o masa de la 40kg la 120kg. Este unul din putinele seturi de pe piata adecvate si pentru copii-juniori. Raport calitate pret imbatabil !

Sistem anti-shock inovator UHMPE (Ultra-High-Molecularweight Polyethylene).

Brate elastice, chinga rezistenta la abraziune sila soc, carabiniere ergonomice cu dubla-comanda, protectie la deschidere accidentala.

Import Germania.

Declaratie de conformitate UE.

Masa = 470 grame


The Via Ferrata Pro Evo 2.0 set is the technical further development of the proven Via Ferrata Pro Evo via ferrata set from LACD. The via ferrata set is also particularly suitable for light people and can be used from a weight of 40 kg. The maximum total user weight is 120 kg including backpack and climbing equipment. The via ferrata set is equipped with elastic arms and two automatically locking via ferrata carabiners. By pressing with the ball of the thumb, the catches can be opened and locked automatically when hooked into the wire rope. As a result, the carabiner cannot accidentally detach itself from the Via Ferrata. With its innovative UHMPE * energy absorber, LACD enables uniform tearing properties over the entire length of the damper. This makes the Via Ferrata Pro Evo 2 set.

UHMPE is the abbreviation for Ultra-High-Molecularweight Polyethylene. These are fibers made from particularly long polyethylene chains.
The properties of UHMPE, compared to other fibers used in mountain sports equipment, are: high breaking strength, low volume and weight, low water absorption, fully static (low elongation), high UV resistance but also a low melting point.

Article no. 1350
Weight (g) 470

Detalii produs

Categorie: Via Ferrata

Producator: LACD Germania

Cod produs - SKU: 1350

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