Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO - din nou in stoc !

  • Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO - din nou in stoc !
  • Poze Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO - din nou in stoc !

Set via ferrata LACD PRO EVO - din nou in stoc !

SKU: 1062

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Set via ferrata import Germania, pentru sarcini intre 50 - 120 kg, conform standardelor DAV, TÜV, EN 958., rezistenta statica 17KN (dupa o cadere standard de 5m). Design ergonomic, asimetric, ultrausor, compact, cusaturi de siguranta in culoare contrastanta. Masa = 502 grame.



Gewicht (g)


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kN horizontal


kN Verschluss offen



  • Weight range 50kg to 120kg
  • Static resistance after the standard fall (80kg, 5m) of 17kN
  • The set only ruptures completely at 17kN and offers considerable safety reserves during a fall
  • Proven hand carabiner
  • Well thought-out design
  • Increased safety thanks to tried and tested handlebars. Thanks to the double safety mechanism, the carabiner opens only when the handlebars are pressed and the carabiner is opened.
  • Solid, elastic arms
  • Proven design from tried and tested material
  • Hose band with separate, internal running rubber
  • Asymmetrical arm lengths
  • In practice proven arm lengths that fit well for most users
  • In the fatigue test of climbing sets according to DAV requirements, TÜV Produktervice GmbH has confirmed outstanding values
  • Safety-relevant seams in contrasting color
  • Strap dampers
  • Smaller, lighter and more compact
  • Redundancy system with fixed maximum brake length
  • Strap on the belt damping device for attaching a restraint sling
  • Safety label in belt damping device
  • Embedding loop
  • Twisted binding loop for the ideal anchor stitch
  • The embedding loop is so dimensioned that it can be easily threadable but not too wide
  • Keeps the belt damper very close to the body and improves the handling of the set

Detalii produs

Categorie: Via Ferrata

Producator: LACD Germania

Cod produs - SKU: 1062

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